Traditional Irish Recipes For St.Patrick’s Day

Embrace being Irish this St.Patrick’s Day with these easy traditional food recipes from Ireland.

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I can’t believe that it has been almost 10 years since I moved from my home country of Ireland to the US. As much as I love living in the Boston area, there’s certain things about Ireland that I really miss – in particular my mom’s traditional home cooked dinners.

Luckily for me, she passed all her recipes on to me at an early age. Recipes that have been used for generations in my family and throughout Ireland.

And while these are meals that I cook all the time in my own home, they are also perfect for you to embrace your Irish heritage on St.Patrick’s day.

I’m not talking about the stereotypical Corned Beef & Cabbage that you hear of Stateside (in fact, we eat Bacon & Cabbage in Ireland, not Corned Beef!) but instead dinners, lunches and desserts that the whole family is more likely to enjoy.

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  1. What a small world I saw this website today, and I was like I have to sign up for this. I myself am from Ireland also. My family and I moved here in 1991. Great county to live in, I go back to Ireland once in a while to visit. I am hoping to go back to Ireland for the Christmas this year, and the rest of my family will follow.

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